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Cover image from THE GUARDIANS OF ZOONE, illustrated by Evan Monteiro and written by Lee Edward Fodi.

The Guardians of Zoone
Book 2 • The Books of Zoone

Written by Lee Edward Födi
Published by HarperCollins Publishers
Middle-grade fantasy for ages 8 & up
ISBN: 978-0-06284-528-3

“There are pirates in Zoone?” Aunt Temperance asked incredulously.
“We haven’t actually made it to Zoone yet,” Ozzie pointed out as the metal leviathan loomed over them.
“Portal pirates,” Fidget explained. “Scavengers, marauders—my grandfather used to tell tales about them. They roam the spaces between portals and slice their way onto tracks to rob and kidnap innocent travelers.”

“Spaces between the portals?” Aunt Temperance echoed. “Is that even possible? Scientifically?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” Fidget snapped. “Maybe I’m just imagining the massive metal monstrosity hovering above us.”


A surprise visit from a princess and a skyger can only mean one thing: the door to Zoone has reopened, and Ozzie can finally return to the bustling station at the heart of the multiverse.

But something's happened at the nexus.

Ozzie's friends aren't visiting from Zoone—they're escaping it.

Now, if he wants to make it back to the place he loves, he'll have to contend with portal pirates, a polluted world, and an army of deadly robots.

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» Download an avatar of your favorite Zoone character:
Ozzie Sparks Tug the skyger Salamanda Smink Fidget of Quoxx Lady Zoone
Ozzie Tug Salamanda Fidget Lady Zoone
Captain Cho Y'Orrick Ferbis Fusselbone Mr. Whisk Keeva Miss Mongo
Captain Cho Fusselbone Mr. Whisk Keeva Miss Mongo
Piper Panya Miss Mongo Aunt Temperance Crogus
Piper Panya Scuffy Will Aunt T Crogus
Master Isidorus Nymm Dorek Faeng Adaryn Moonstrom Miss Lizard The Warden of Morindu
Master Nymm Dorek Faeng Adaryn Miss Lizard The Warden
Scoot Captain Traxx Minus Lord Snogget - Sir Pomposity Klaxxon
Scoot Captain Traxx Minus Sir Pomposity Klaxxon

The Guardians of Zoone.

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Skyger tail.

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