Lee Edward Fodi: author, illustrator, daydreamer
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Lee Edward Fodi at the Korea House in Seoul.

In my own words

I’m a children’s author, illustrator, and educator—or, as I like to think of myself, a daydreaming expert.

When I’m not daydreaming myself, I teach kids how to do it. Sure, they might seem pretty good at it already, but in my experience, most of them haven't learned how to put it to good use . . . yet.

I’m the creator of the Kendra Kandlestar series and have illustrated books for other authors. I enjoy mythology, history, and the mysteries of the universe.

In my free time, when I'm not writing, illustrating, or touring schools and libraries, I'm a traveller, adventurer, and maker of dragon eggs. I especially love to visit exotic places where I can find tombs, mazes, castles, and crypts—not to mention tiny places tucked between the cracks of Here and There.

I am represented by Rachel Letofsky at The Cooke Agency.

Official biography

Lee Edward Födi has been writing and illustrating stories about magic, monsters, and mystery for as long as he can remember.

Growing up on a farm in British Columbia, Canada, he was subjected to various horrible chores such as cleaning up after chickens, pigs, geese, and younger siblings. He was often in trouble for his constant daydreaming. There was a time when his father harbored hopes that his son would take over the family business—but these aspirations came to an abrupt end when the young author accidentally plowed the tractor over his dad’s outhouse (thankfully, his dad was not inside at the time).

As a result, Födi went on to pursue his love of art, mythology, and storytelling, all of which (luckily) do not require any skill in operating heavy machinery.

Födi is the author and illustrator of The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar, which include The Box of Whispers, The Door to Unger, The Shard from Greeve, The Crack in Kazah, and the The Search for Arazeen. He has also illustrated several picture books for other authors, including The Chocolatier's Apprentice (a national bestseller) and I'll Follow the Moon. In 2016, he was the official illustrator for the Summer Reading Club program that was featured at libraries throughout British Columbia, Canada.

Födi is an engaging public speaker, specializing in presentations and workshops for elementary-aged children. He has taught programs in Canada, the United States, England, South Korea, and Thailand. In addition, he is a co-founder of The Creative Writing for Children Society (CWC), a Vancouver-based not-for-profit program in which children's authors, illustrators, and performers help kids publish their own books.

Födi studied at the University of British Columbia and has a degree in English Literature and a diploma in Fine Arts. He is a member of several organizations dedicated to children's literature, including the Writers' Union of Canada and the Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC), and is an executive board member of the Children’s Writers & Illustrators of British Columbia (CWILL).

Födi lives in Vancouver with his wife and unhelpful cat.

Lee Edward Fodi

Lee Edward Fodi

Lee Edward Fodi